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Find out WHY smart investors are heading to Puerto Rico in 2019!

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Turn Key Real Estate 

Are you tired of managing tenants?

Are you tired of manual labor?

Are you tired of investing in the stock market?

Are you working your own project and want to maximize your returns?

As many US real estate markets are slowing down,

Puerto Rico is speeding up!

Turn houses into homes and make money rebuilding Puerto Rico.

Focus on what matters most at home, while your money works for you

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  • Hands Off “Turn Key” investing approach allows you to work on your personal projects or spend your time where it is most rewarding  
  • Diversification in a US territory   
  • Investment opportunities starting as low as $50,000
  • Rebuilding communities, doing well by doing good

Why Puerto Rico?

Puerto Rico's economy has been rapidly making a comeback since Hurricane Maria. Current economic conditions on the island have similarities to what New Orleans experienced after Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and what the Phoenix, AZ market experienced between 2011-2013. With the combination of tax incentives from Act 20/22 and now having 94% of Puerto Rico deemed an "opportunity zone", investment capital is pouring in!

Who We Are

Direct Source Wealth, Inc is a private real estate firm that co-invests with a community of investors in markets across the United States and Puerto Rico. Our contractor group is a private construction firm whos founder came to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria to repair homes that were damaged by the devastation through the Tu Hogar Renace program. Our contractors were able to restore 300 damaged homes within a 5-month period and improved the quality of life for hundreds of local residents.  Construction included demolition, plumbing fixtures, electrical, carpentry, framing, drywall, tile flooring, finishes, cabinets, and waterproofing. Together we purchase real estate owned (REO) properties from local banks in Puerto Rico, renovate and improve the quality of life for localresidents. you can participate in rebuilding Puerto Rico, while achieving yields that can be tough to find in the traditional Wall Street investing space.

Puerto Rico F​​​​ix and Flip FAQ

What type of returns are these single-family properties expected to return?

Can I buy and hold?

Do all the properties need some type of rehab? 

Are these hurricane damaged properties? If so, do you have contractors you recommend?

What is a ballpark ARV (after repair value) to expect if analyzing these properties as potential flips?

Is there an agent in place to resell or would DSW handle the sell? 

Why Puerto Rico?

Can I visit the properties?

Who is the team?

Do you have a Sample Proforma?

Do I have to attend an event in order to invest?

Can I rehab a property on my own?

What is the approximate cost for hurricane insurance?

How much are the estimated property taxes on a 100k property?

What are the monthly water, sewer, trash and electric cost?

Who takes care of the lawncare?

Do I need to have a Puerto Rico, LLC in order to invest?

Can I use an LLC from any US state?

Invest Today!

There are approximately 4,000 single-family homes (REOs) 

Of those, about 2,000 are good candidates for fix and flips.

This opportunity will not last for ever, call now and get started today.